– Terms of use and refund policy


Article 1 [Purpose)

These terms and conditions are intended to stipulate the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other necessary matters between the company and members in relation to the use of MeetSpecs App services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) provided by MeetSpecs Inc. (the “Company”). .


Article 2 (Definition)

  1. The definitions of terms used in this agreement are as follows.

(1) “Member” refers to a customer who accesses the company’s “service” and signs a contract for use with the “company” in accordance with these terms and conditions and uses the “service” provided by the “company”.

(2) “Account” means a login account based on email address and password to use “Service”.

(3) “Point” is a reward system provided to “members” as points that are paid by using “service” or promotional products conducted by “company”. “Point” can be a concept of currency that can be used like cash, but it is not refundable in cash.

(4) The term “paid service” means various digital contents (virtual currency, items, functions, etc.) and all services paid after payment through the policies and procedures set by the “company”.

(5) “Open market operator” refers to a business operator that installs and provides payment for our services. (Ex. Google Play Store, Apple App Store, etc.)

(6) “Content” refers to works such as items provided by the company to members through this service.

  1. The definition of terms used in this agreement is in accordance with related laws and other general business practices, except for those specified in each subparagraph of Paragraph 1.


Article 3 (Posting and Revision of Terms and Conditions)

  1. The “Company” will post the contents of these Terms and Conditions, the business name, the location of the business office, the name of the representative, the business registration number, and the contact information on meetspecs.com (hereinafter “website”)” so that the “member” can know.
  2. The “Company” may revise these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate related laws such as “Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions”, “Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.”
  3. If the “Company” revises the terms and conditions, the date of application and the reason for the amendment shall be specified and announced from 7 days before the effective date of the revised terms and conditions in accordance with the method of paragraph 1 together with the current terms and conditions. However, in the case of amendments to the terms and conditions that are unfavorable to the member, it will be notified 30 days before the effective date, and in addition to the notice, notification shall be made through electronic means such as e-mail, e-mail, and pop-up window within the “service” for a certain period.
  4. If the “member” continues to use the “service” of the “company” after the application date notified pursuant to the preceding paragraph, it is deemed to agree to the revised terms and conditions. “Members” who do not agree to the revised terms and conditions may freely terminate the “Service” contract at any time. If the “member” using the “paid service” cancels the agreement due to disagreement with the amendment of the terms and conditions, the refund policy set by the “company” will be followed.


Article 4 (interpretation of the terms and conditions)

  1. Matters or interpretations not specified in these terms and conditions shall be in accordance with relevant laws or commercial practices.
  2. In the case of selling digital content or physical products other than “Services”, a separate “Terms of Use” / “Personal Information Handling Policy” will be posted on the relevant page, and the applicable terms will take precedence.
  3. These terms and conditions are provided in Korean, English and some languages ​​for the convenience of users. If the translated terms and conditions are different from the Korean terms, the Korean terms and conditions will take precedence.


Article 5 (membership registration)

  1. Membership registration is completed when the person who wants to become a “member” (hereinafter, “member registration applicant”) agrees to the terms and conditions and applies for membership, and the “company” approves the application.
  2. In principle, the “Company” approves the use of the “Service” for the application of the “Subscription Applicant”. However, the “Company” may not approve the following applications or terminate the contract of use afterwards.

(1) If the applicant for membership has previously lost membership in accordance with these terms and conditions, except for cases in which the approval of re-registration is obtained from the “company”.

(2) When using the name of another person

(3) When false information is entered, or when the contents presented by the “company” are not entered

(4) When a child under the age of 14 does not obtain the consent of a legal representative (parent, etc.) (applies when a child under the age of 14 is confirmed)

(5) In case approval is not possible due to reasons attributable to the user, or when applying in violation of other prescribed matters

(6) If you want to use the “service” for illegal purposes or for the purpose of pursuing profit

(7) When the application is made for the purpose of violating relevant laws or impeding social order or morals

(8) Other cases where it is confirmed that it is a violation of these Terms and Conditions, illegal or unfair application for use, and if the “company” deems it necessary by reasonable judgment

  1. In the application pursuant to Paragraphs 1 and 2, the “Company” may request real name verification and identification through a specialized agency depending on the type of “member”.
  2. The “Company” may withhold approval if there is no room for service-related facilities or if there is a technical or business problem.
  3. If the application for membership registration is not approved or reserved pursuant to Paragraph 4, the “Company” shall, in principle, notify the applicant.
  4. The “Company” may classify the “members” by grade according to the company policy, subdivide the hours of use, the number of times of use, and the service menu to differentiate their use.


Article 6 (change of member information)

  1. “Members” can check their personal information at any time through the “Member Information” screen in the “Service”.


Article 7 (Obligation to protect personal information)

The “Company” strives to protect the personal information of “members” as stipulated by relevant laws such as the “Information and Communication Network Act”. Regarding the protection and use of personal information, the relevant laws and the personal information handling policy of the “Company” are applied.


Article 8 (“Member”‘s obligation to manage personal information)

  1. “Member” is responsible for the management of the “account” and should not be used by a third party.
  2. “Company” uses the “account” when there is a concern that the “nickname” of the “member” is leaking personal information, is anti-social or contrary to public morals, or is mistaken as the operator of the “company” and “company” Can be limited.
  3. If the “Member” recognizes that the “Account” is stolen or used by a third party, immediately notify the “Company” and follow the instructions of the “Company”.
  4. In the case of Paragraph 3, the “Company” shall not be liable for any disadvantages arising from failure to follow the instructions of the “Company” even if the “member” does not notify the “Company” of the fact, or even if notified.


Article 9 (Notice to “Member”)

  1. If the “Company” notifies the “Member”, it can be done by e-mail address or e-mail in the “Service” unless otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions.
  2. In the case of notification to the entire “Member”, the “Company” may replace the notification in Paragraph 1 by posting it on the “Website” of the “Company” or the “Notice” screen in the “Service” for more than 7 days.


Article 10 (Obligation of “Company”)

  1. The “Company” does not do anything that is prohibited by relevant laws and these terms and conditions, or is contrary to public morals, and makes every effort to provide the “Service” continuously and stably.
  2. The “Company” must have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that “members” can safely use the “service”, and disclose and comply with the privacy policy.
  3. The “Company” shall handle the opinions or complaints raised by the “Members” in relation to the use of the “Service” if it is deemed justifiable. For opinions or complaints raised by “members”, the processing process and results are delivered to “members” through messages or e-mails in the app.


Article 11 (duties of “members”)

  1. “Members” must not do the following actions.

(1) Registration of false information when applying or changing

(2) Theft of information from others

(3) Collecting personal information and account information of other “members”

(4) Disclosing or transmitting advertising information for commercial purposes without the prior consent of the “company”

(5) The act of copying, disassembling or imitating the “service” through reverse engineering, decompilation, disassembly and other processing activities

(6) The act of interfering with the operation of the “service” by causing a load on the server of the “company” by using the “service” in a way different from normal usage, such as using an automatic connection program, etc.

(7) Giving access to a third party other than the person

(8) Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of the “Company” and other third parties

(9) Acts that damage the reputation of the “Company” and other third parties or interfere with business

(10) Disclosure or transmission of obscene or violent messages or other information contrary to public order and morals to the “Service”

(11) Other illegal or unfair behavior

  1. The “member” must comply with the relevant laws, the provisions of this agreement, the user guide and the notices notified in relation to the “service”, the matters notified by the “company”, and other acts that interfere with the work of the “company” Should not be done.


Article 12 (provision of “service”, etc.)

  1. The company may request procedures such as membership registration in order to provide “service”.
  2. The company may divide the “service” into a certain range and specify the available time for each range separately. However, in such cases, the contents will be notified in advance.
  3. The “Company” may temporarily suspend the provision of the “Service” in the event of maintenance, inspection, replacement, or breakdown of information and communication facilities such as computers, communication interruptions, or significant operational reasons. In this case, the “company” will notify the “member” in the manner specified in Article 9 (notice to the “member”). However, if there is an unavoidable reason that the “Company” cannot notify in advance, it may be notified afterwards.


Article 13 (Change of “Service”)

  1. The “Company” may add content and functions within the “Service”, and the description of the added content and functions will be announced in advance or at the time of update.
  2. The “Company” has other significant reasons, such as difficulty in providing smooth “service” due to reduced use and worsening profitability, the need to switch to the next-generation “service” due to technological progress, change of company policy related to the provision of “service” In accordance with operational and technical needs, all or part of the “service” may be changed or discontinued.
  3. The “Company” may modify, suspend, or change part or all of the “Service” provided free of charge as required by the Company’s policy and operation, and a separate compensation to the “Member” unless otherwise specified in the relevant laws. Doesn’t.
  4. If there is a change in the contents, method of use, or usage time of the “paid service” or the “service” is interrupted, the content, reason and date of the “service” to be changed or suspended shall be notified in the “service” before the change or suspension. Information” or “information page in the service” will be configured and notified in advance over a certain period of time in a way that the “member” can fully recognize.


Article 14 (provision of information and posting of advertisements)

  1. The “Company” may post information related to the operation of the “Service” on the service screen.
  2. The “Company” may post advertisements of our company or third parties on this “Service”.
  3. This service may include’services’ or’contents’ provided by other companies affiliated with our company. Responsibility for these “services” or “contents” rests with the service provider, and such “services” or “contents” are subject to the terms and conditions of use and other conditions set by the provider providing them.


Article 15 (“Point”)

  1. “Point” can flexibly operate the name of the point, the form of provision, and the method of use according to the promotion content.
  2. When adding “Point”, the “Company” will separately post or notify the matters on the accumulation criteria, usage method, usage period and restrictions through the “Service” screen or “Notice”.
  3. The validity period of “Point” can be set separately depending on the content of the promotion.
  4. If a “member” uses “Point” for an unlawful purpose or purpose, the “company” may deprive the “point” or suspend the “member” status.
  5. When withdrawing from the “Member”, unused “Points” among the converted/accumulated “Points” are immediately extinguished. Even if you rejoin after withdrawal, the lapsed points will not be restored.
  6. If there is an error in the accumulation of “Point”, the “member” can apply for correction within a considerable period of time, and the company notifies the result of the verification process and corrects the “point” if necessary. You can take action.
  7. The Company may terminate the “Point” service after prior notice for business and technical reasons. In this case, the previously notified “Point” service may be terminated. )” disappears.


Article 16 (Use of card payment)

  1. The “paid service” of the “company” can be purchased with the “card payment” function using KG Inisys, and the “member” can purchase digital contents according to the payment operation policy of the “open market operator”.
  2. The “company” is not responsible for the “card payment” of a third party caused by the “member” not using the terminal or open market password setting function, or carelessly exposed.
  3. “Company” applies modules and libraries for “card payment” provided by the open market to the service according to the recommendations of the Korea Communications Commission and the “Open Market Mobile Content Payment Guidelines”.


Article 17 (Refund Policy)

  1. The “paid services” purchased by “members” are divided into “paid services” that can withdraw subscriptions and “paid services” that cannot withdraw subscriptions. For “paid services” that can withdraw subscription, you can request withdrawal of subscription within 7 days of purchase.
  2. In the following cases, withdrawal of subscription is restricted.

(1) In the case of using part of the product (virtual currency, points, items, etc.) paid at the time of payment

(2) Paid service that starts to use immediately after purchase or is applied immediately

(3) Paid service that the “company” paid to the “member” for free or acquired during the service use process

(4) In the case of items that can be viewed as use or whose utility is determined upon opening

  1. Even in the case of “paid items” that can withdraw subscription, subscription withdrawal is limited if 7 days have passed since purchase or use, value has decreased significantly, or other reasons that may limit the withdrawal of subscription by “members” occur. can be.
  2. If a minor purchases the “paid service” without the consent of the legal representative, the minor or legal representative may request the company to withdraw the subscription, and the “company” may request documents proving that it is the legal representative. However, cancellation is limited when the purchase of a minor is within the scope of the property permitted to be disposed of by a legal representative, or when a minor is believed to be an adult by using witchcraft, etc. Whether the purchaser is a minor is determined based on the name of the payment method such as the terminal or credit card from which the purchase was made.
  3. When the “member” expresses the intention to withdraw the subscription, the “company” collects the paid service (virtual currency, points, items, etc.) of the “member” without delay, and pays the price within 3 business days from the date of collection. Payments received in the same way will be refunded, and if refunds cannot be made in the same way, we will notify you in advance. However, in the case of payment methods that require payment confirmation, it will be refunded within 3 business days from the payment confirmation date.
  4. If the subscription withdrawal proceeds due to the responsible reason of the “member”, the fee for the refund is borne by the “member”.
  5. Charges (call charges, data call charges, etc.) incurred by downloading applications or using network services may not be eligible for refund.


Article 18 (cancellation of membership)

  1. The “member” can terminate the contract of use at any time through the settings in the “service”.
  2. The “Company” may terminate the contract of use if the “Member” has the following reasons. The use contract ends when the “Company” notifies the “Member” of its intention to terminate. In this case, the “Company” may notify the intention of termination through e-mail or other methods registered by the “Member”.

(1) In case of infringing on the rights, honor, credit, or other legitimate interests of the “company” or other “members” or others, or violating public order and morals

(2) When an act or attempt is made to hinder the smooth progress of the “service”

(3) In case of false dissemination of incorrect or unconfirmed information about the “service”

(4) Other cases where the “company” acknowledges that it is necessary to refuse to provide the “service” based on a reasonable judgment

  1. When the contract of use is terminated, the following information of the “member” will be deleted and will not be restored even when re-registering.

(1) Account and profile information: ID (email), nickname, password, SNS identification information, etc.

(2) Subscription list: All information on subscribed consultants, etc.

(3) Purchase details: purchased items/products, etc.

(4) Contents held: virtual currency, items, etc.

(5) Points: Details of accumulated points (unexpired points)

(6) Message: Conversations and contents exchanged with consultants and operators

(7) All information set by the user stored in the device

  1. Any damages incurred in connection with the termination of the use contract shall be borne by the corresponding “member” whose use contract was terminated, and the “company” shall not be held liable.


Article 19 (restrictions on use, etc.)

  1. The “Company” may gradually restrict the use of the “Service” by warning, temporary suspension, or permanent suspension of use if the “member” falls under any of the following reasons.

(1) In case false information is registered when applying for membership

(2) Threatening the order of e-commerce, such as interfering with other people’s use of the “service” or stealing information

(3) In case of acts contrary to laws, public order, and morals

(4) When a “member” purchases a “paid service”, payment is made by arbitrarily manipulating payment information

(5) When the “member” indiscriminately repeats the purchase and refund of the “paid service”

  1. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the “Company” may immediately permanently suspend use in the event of violating related laws such as illegal communication, hacking, distribution of malicious programs, etc. in violation of the Copyright Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection There is.
  2. If the use of the “service” is restricted in accordance with this Article, the “member” may be notified according to Article 9 (notification to the “member”), and may be given an opportunity to explain before cancellation of membership registration. At this time, if the “company” admits that the “member” objection is justified, the “company” resumes the use of the “service” of the “member”.


Article 20 (disclaimer)

  1. The “company” is exempted from liability for the following items.

(1) When the service cannot be provided due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure

(2) Damage caused by unavoidable reasons such as repair, replacement, regular inspection, and construction of service facilities

(3) Failure to use the “service” due to reasons attributable to the “member”

(4) Responsibility for the reliability and accuracy of information, data and facts posted by the “member” in relation to the “service”

(5) In the case of transactions between “members” or between “members” and a third party through “service”

(6) Third party payment arising from the negligence of the “member”

(7) Damage arising from illegal server interruption or interruption by a third party

(8) Damage caused by errors, omissions, destruction, etc. that occurred on the network


Article 21 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

These Terms and Conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea, and if a lawsuit is filed due to a dispute arising between the “Company” and “Member”, the court in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the law shall be the competent court.


Supplementary provisions

These terms will be effective from October 1, 2020.